Circular Knitting is a method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric.
Knitting creates multiple loops of yarn, called stitches, in a line or tube. Knitting has multiple
active stitches on the needle at one time. Knitted fabric consists of a number of consecutive
rows of interlocking loops. As each row progresses, a newly created loop is pulled through one
or more loops from the prior row, placed on the gaining needle, and the loops from the prior
row are then pulled off the other needle. A knitting process that links circular stitches in a
continuous chain yields uncommon strength and form-fitting ability for a variety of uses.
By alternating between single- and double-knit processes, can the style vary, width and
weight of the fabric to your exact needs. Circular knits offers more variety and finer control
over the finished product’s properties. Different types of yarns (fibre type, texture, and twist),
needle sizes, and stitch types may be used to achieve knitted fabrics with diverse properties
(colour, texture, weight, heat retention, water resistance, and/or integrity).

Circular Knitted Fabrics:

  • Jersey fabric
  • Rib
  • Cotton Terry fabric
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Single Jersey Fabric
  • Interlock fabric

Circular Knitted Fabric is used for many types of sectors and applications. Such as:

  • Women's clothing
  • Workwear
  • Automotive
  • Hospital
  • Restaurants
  • Cleaning
  • Production

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